Route __n__ of Milan to Lucca

Travel time from Milan to Lucca with Distance and Route

Milan and Lucca is big cities in Italy. If you want to travel from Lucca to Milan, this article is for you. Please note that the distance between cities is still not too far, which is 298 km.

As a big city in Italy, mobility in Milan and Lucca is relatively high. Many people visit these two cities with various interests, such as business and government.

Travel route of Milan to Lucca
Travel route of Milan to Lucca

With the distance mentioned above, the trip from Milan to Lucca or vice versa can be reached by various types of transportation. The travel time between each transport, such as travel, intercity buses, trains, cars, and motorcycles, also varies. Below are see the explanation regarding Milan to Lucca route!

Distance from Milan to Lucca

Route 1 of Milan to Lucca
Route 1 of Milan to Lucca

Distance from Milan to Lucca298 km
Traveling time6 hours 21 mins
Train via Florence
Duration4 hours 6 minutes
Prices$25 – $94
Duration4 hours 36 minutes
Prices$20 – $79
Rank PriceSecond Cheapest
Duration3 hours 32 minutes
Prices$14 – $16
Rank DurationSecond Fastest
Rank PriceCheapest
Duration2 hours 51 minutes
Prices$51 – $74
Rank DurationFastest

Geographically, Lucca is located southeast of Milan city. As explained above, Milan to Lucca is not too close, which is about 298 km. To visit Lucca or vice versa, your need to travel around 6 hours 21 mins.

As one of the largest cities in Italy, Lucca offers many stunning natural attractions. Besides, the authentic cuisine from the city is also fascinating to taste. Therefore, there is no reason for the residents of Milan city not to come to this `Lucca`.

Even though the distance is up to 298 km, the residents of Milan still choose Lucca as their tourist destination for relaxing and healing. Likewise, residents of Lucca also often visit Milan for various activities such as business and visiting shopping centers.

Route Milan-Lucca

Route 2 of Milan to Lucca
Route 2 of Milan to Lucca

After discussing the distance between Milan and Lucca, we will discuss the travel routes between the two cities. For people who travel from Milan to Lucca, you can take advantage of several modes of transportation such as travel, private cars, and inter-city buses.

If you want to use an intercity bus, you can choose the Milan – Provincia di Lodi – Provincia di Piacenza – Provincia di Parma – Provincia di Massa e Carrara – Lucca route. The fee to take the intercity bus is affordable.

In addition, you can also use a train. It is convenient, and the departure time is guaranteed to be on time. Therefore, there is no drama delay. You can also choose the type of train, which are executive, economy, or business class.

For those who depart by train from Milan, you can start the journey using four different routes. Here’s the explanation:

Route 1

Route 1 can be started from Milan Lampugnano with a departure time of 11:59pm. You can use Agrigento – Milan – Turin to get to Montelungo. From Firenze Santa Maria Novella, you can continue your journey using Regionale and arrive at Lucca. You can start your journey from Firenze Santa Maria Novella to Lucca at 5:10am. And stop at the last station that is Lucca.

Route 2

You can try route 2 starting from Milan San Donato at 11:45pm. You can use Itabus 2305: Bergamo – Naples. After Florence Villa Constanza Bus Station can continue the journey using MarinoBus. From Viale Regina Margherita Fs, you will transit to Carducci 1 and then continue your journey at 7:33am. For this next trip you will use Don Sturzo-S.Anna Chiesa-Stazione Fs-Pontetetto. And arrived at Carducci 1.

Route 3

Route 3 as long as 337 km via Milan Lampugnano is taken in time 7 hours 45 mins. Departure time around 11:59pm, choose Agrigento – Milan – Turin . From Scala Porta Al Prato, you will transit to Pierluigi da Palestrina and then continue your journey at 5:48am. For this next trip you will use Sorgane/Bagno A Ripoli-Nuova Scuola Carabinieri. From Porte Nuove, 10 , you will transit to P.Za Italia, (Stazione Ff.Ss) Capolinea and then continue your journey at 5:52am. For this next trip you will use Firenze-A11-Montecatini. From P.Za Italia, (Stazione Ff.Ss) Capolinea, you can continue your journey using Montecatini-Traversagna-Lucca and arrive at Piazzale Verdi. You can start your journey from P.Za Italia, (Stazione Ff.Ss) Capolinea to Piazzale Verdi at 6:50am. And stop at the last station that is Piazzale Verdi.

Route 4

And for the last route, Travel from Milan-Lucca as far as 399 km can also using Route 4 through Milano Centrale Railway Station with departure time at 5:00am. You can use Frecciarossa instead of Firenze Santa Maria Novella. The distance between these stations 322 km is traveled with time 1 hour 49 mins. After Firenze Santa Maria Novella can continue the journey using Regionale. And stop at the last station that is Lucca.

How long does it take from Milan to Lucca?

Route 3 of Milan to Lucca
Route 3 of Milan to Lucca

Finally, we will discuss the travel time from Milan to Lucca according to the data above.

If you want to spend less, you can choose Rideshare, which is the cheapest at only $14 – $16. The second cheapest is the Train, only $20 – $79.

As for urgent needs or prefer a short time, you can use the Drive for only 2 hours 51 minutes, which is the fastest. The second fastest is a Rideshare with 3 hours 32 minutes.

This is our review for the Milan-Lucca trip or vice versa. You can choose transportation based on your convenience. Remember to always travel safely.

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