Route __n__ of Naples to Latina

How many hours train from Naples to Latina? This is the answer

Naples and Latina is big cities in Italy. If you want to travel from Latina to Naples using a train, this article is for you. Please note that the distance between cities is still not too far, which is 163 km.

As two main cities in Italy, mobility in Naples and Latina using the train is relatively high. Many people visit these two cities with various interests, such as business and government.

Travel route of Naples to Latina
Travel route of Naples to Latina

With the distance mentioned above, the trip from Naples to Latina or vice versa is better done using the train. The train has a very reliable schedule with no delay. Below are see the explanation regarding Naples to Latina route using several train routes!

Distance from Naples to Latina

Route 1 of Naples to Latina
Route 1 of Naples to Latina

Distance from Naples to Latina163 km
Traveling time3 hours 12 mins
Duration2 hours 42 minutes
Prices$12 – $23
Rank DurationFastest
Rank PriceCheapest

Geographically, Latina is located northwest of Naples city. As explained above, Naples to Latina is still not too far, which is about 163 km. To visit Latina from Naples or vice versa, your need to travel using a train for around 3 hours 12 mins.

As one of the largest cities in Italy, Latina offers many stunning natural attractions. Besides, the authentic cuisine from the city is also fascinating to taste. The train route has an exceptional view since it passes the Tuscany area, which is the most aesthetic medieval town. Ancient buildings under the blue sky surround it. Therefore, there is no reason for the residents of Naples city not to come to Latina, `Latina`.

Even though the distance is up to 163 km, the residents of Naples still choose Latina as their tourist destination for relaxing and healing. Likewise, residents of Latina also often visit Naples for various activities such as business and visiting shopping centers.

Route from Naples to Latina

Route 2 of Naples to Latina
Route 2 of Naples to Latina

After discussing the distance between Naples and Latina, we will discuss the travel routes using the train between the two cities. It is convenient, and the departure time is guaranteed to be on time. Therefore, your journey will not be delayed. You can also choose the type of train, which are executive, economy, or business class.

For those who depart by train from Naples, you can start the journey using four different routes. Here’s the explanation:

Route 1

Route 1 can be started from Napoli Centrale with a departure time of 9:35am. You can use Regionale (Heavy Rail) to get to Latina. Viale 18 Dicembre # f2791 at 11:23am. Viale 18 Dicembre # f2791 with an arrival time of around 11:40am.

Route 2

Route 2 has distance traveled 2 hours 50 mins via Napoli Centrale. Start departing around 9:20am, use Napoli Centrale – Torino Porta Nuova (Heavy Rail) . From Roma Termini, you can continue your journey using Regionale (Heavy Rail) and arrive at Latina. You can start your journey from Roma Termini to Latina at 10:36am. Viale Stazione Via Olmo # f3063, you will transit to LATINA And stop at the last station that is LATINA

Route 3

Route 3 can be started from Napoli Centrale with a departure time of 10:31am. You can use Intercity (Heavy Rail) to get to Latina. Viale Stazione Via Olmo # f3063 can continue the journey using Cori – Latina # VL68A (Bus). And ends at LATINA

Route 4

Final, You can try route 4 which begin from Napoli Centrale at 11:31am. You can use Intercity Viale 18 Dicembre # f2791 and then continue your journey at 1:11pm. For this next trip you will use Norma – Latina # LT813D (Bus). Viale 18 Dicembre # f2791 with an arrival time of around 1:30pm.

How long does it take from Naples to Latina?

Route 3 of Naples to Latina
Route 3 of Naples to Latina

Finally, we will discuss the travel time from Naples to Latina using the train according to the data mentioned.

Using the train is very suitable for those who prefer a shorter trip. It is very beneficial for people who travel with children or the elderly. As for urgent needs or prefer a short time, you can use the Train for only 2 hours 42 minutes using Train, which is the fastest. You can also see the scenic view along the route.

If you want to spend less, you can choose Train, which is the cheapest at only $12 – $23.

This is our review for the Naples to Latina trip or vice versa using the train. You can choose the train schedule based on your convenience. Remember to always travel safely.

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